Sunday, June 18, 2006

"Nothing but sunshine and blue skies." says the commentator.
The quite before the storm. Two winners are meeting, one champion and one shining underdog. My heart goes to Australia, they face the toughest game in their soccer-history.
Brazil comes out blazing, Australia seems to plan to defend.
"Australia can't sit back that deep," says the commentator one minute into play.
Ronaldinho is the first Brazilian heavy weight to strike at the goal of Australia. He strikes a free kick, from 22 meters, with less tenacity as usual. Australia breaths, and absorbs confidence.
Ronaldo lobs the ball, displaying he still got it, back over his head to his teammate. He fails to finish it, Australia breaths again, absorbing more confidence.
The Aussies even start seeking the attack, challenging the mighty men of Brazil. Guus, the Dutch
coach for Australia, pulls it of again. After stunning the world coaching South Korea in 2002, he takes Australia on the same trip.
"One of the best coaches on the planet," says the commentator.
Brazil presses with fast soccer, while Australia counters, sometimes with the same fast soccer.
"Just skipped into the waiting arms of Dida," says the commentator about the result of another long range shot of Australia. I agree, if they can set up the shot from twenty meters instead of thirty, they might find the net.
The referee issues a yellow card to Ronaldo, for shooting the ball in the goal, after his whistle. I see the frustration on his face.

The television is showing the people in Sidney in front of the Opera house, shouting and cheering at the big screen. It is the middle of the night, in the middle of winter. Sydney does not care, it is living the world cup dream.
"You have to congratulate Austalia with their tactics so far," says the commentator at the start of the second half. The credit goes to Guus.
"One of the best soccer minds in the world."
Australia arrests the Brazilian power, the match moves to the midfield.
"The game is death," says the commentator.
Brazil heart the message. Ronaldinho passes to the ball from midfield to Ronaldo, on the edge of the penalty box. Ronaldo passes one, two men and crosses the ball to Adriano.


Brazil only needs only ten seconds of their might.
For a brief moment, Australia seems to crumble under the combination of punches from the heavy weights of Brazil. However, they find their rhythm back and both teams create opportunities, backwards and forwards. The crowd is roaring both teams, although it is not the show they expected, the match is a hair-raising thriller.
Australia volleys a ball, within the box, a la Brazil. Dida, Brazil's keepers saves it, a la Brazil.
World cup Action, as it will be shown hundred of year from now.
Despite their efforts, the underdogs receive a deadly punch from Brazil in the last minute of regular time. Fred, a striker of Brazil easily taps in a rebound of the post.

Brazil wins and qualifies. Although they loose, Australia showed it is a contender for the second ticket.
Both countries keep the dream.